The Promise and Peril of International Trade, 2005.

Jeff Colgan

Promise and Peril of International Trade (2005)


The Promise and Peril of International Trade is an accessible book that explores how the trade system affects elements of critical importance to Canadian society, such as the environment, the economy, and the arts.

How should a country like Canada interact with the WTO? How should trade deals like the NAFTA be structured to do the most good? How well are we managing trade today?   This book is designed to help answer these questions.

Available at University of Toronto Press

$29.95 (Cdn), $24.95 (US)


Jeff Colgan

Petro-Aggression: When Oil Causes War (2013)


This book puts forth the case that global oil consumption is a significant cause of international war.    It extends the idea of the resource curse into the realm of international relations, exploring how countries form their foreign policy preferences and intentions. It challenges the convention wisdom of petro-competition, whereby states principally go to war to own “the prize” of oil.  At least as important is petro-aggression: under the wrong conditions, oil income enables aggressive leaders to take power, eliminate domestic political constraints and accountability, and go to war.

Cambridge University Press, available in 2013