Jeff Colgan

This paper (published in the Journal of Peace Research) provides new estimates of Venezuela’s military capability and expenditures.  They differ sharply from standard datasets of military expenditure.  Download File …

Text Box: Venezuela and Military Expenditure Data (2011)

This article discusses the lessons from the Canada-US softwood lumber dispute for both theory and policy in international relations.  Published in The Journal of Public and International Affairs (Spring 2006)  
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Text Box: Treaty Compliance: Lessons from the Softwood Lumber Dispute

This policy article discusses the NAFTA legal remedies for resolving the Canada-US softwood lumber dispute.  Published in International Insights (2004)    Download File ...

Text Box: Don’t get mad, get even: NAFTA dispute resolution (2004)

My policy article on Canada’s proposed “Cleaner Export Energy” credits, published  in Policy Options, August 2002.  Download File…

Text Box: Green or Greedy?  Canada’s Clean Export Credits (2002)

Selected Articles

This article in International Organization is a preview of my book on oil politics and international security, Petro-Aggression.  It won the 2010 Robert O. Keohane Award.
Link to IO article

Text Box: Oil, Conflict and International Conflict  (2010)

This policy paper was published by the Global Public Policy Institute in fall 2009.  It looks at two key challenges for the IEA and recommends solutions. Download File …

Text Box: The International Energy Agency: Challenges for the 21st Century

This peer-reviewed paper was published at Energy Policy in 2011.  It looks at how oil and revolutionary government creates international conflict, both military disputes and economic sanctions.  Download File …

Text Box: Oil and Resource-Backed Aggression (2011)

This co-authored paper was published in the Review of International Organizations.  It examines institutional change among IOs such as OPEC and the IEA.  Download File …

Text Box: Punctuated Equilibrium in the Energy Regime Complex (2012)

This paper introduces a dataset on revolutionary leaders/governments.  See my Data page for replication data. Download File …

Text Box: Measuring Revolution  (2012)

World Politics vol 65, issue 04, pp. 656-690.

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Link to replication data for the article

Text Box: Domestic Revolutionary Leaders and International Conflict (2013)

Forthcoming in International Organization (2015)

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Text Box: Revolution, Personalist Leaders, and International Conflict 
Text Box: Recent or Forthcoming
Text Box: Published articles

International Security, Vol. 38, No. 2 (Fall 2013), pp. 147–180

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Text Box: Fueling the Fire: Pathways from Oil to War  (2013)

Forthcoming in International Organization (2014)

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Text Box: The Emperor Has No Clothes: Limits of OPEC in the Oil Market